Bolinas Lagoon

Bolinas Lagoon

Bolinas Lagoon is a small, shallow estuary located directly along the San Andreas Fault, 15 miles northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Covering less than 1,500 acres, the triangular lagoon is 3.5 miles long and 1 mile across at its widest. It is protected from the Pacific Ocean by a long spit which terminates at the lagoon’s mouth, its lifeline to the sea. Like an enormous aquatic lung, the lagoon breathes in sea water on rising tides, and exhales a mixture of fresh water and sea water at low tides. An average of three million cubic yards of water are exchanged between the lagoon and the ocean with each tide.
Recreational Opportunities

The diverse habitat provides excellent wildlife watching. Whether traveling by kayak or walking the shoreline, one will be amazed at the unique community of plants and animals. Many species of waterbirds, drawn by the many small fish and mudflats, overwinter in the lagoon. Egrets and Herons, along with sharks and rays can be seen throughout the year.

Seasons Accessible

Accessible year round.

Fees: No Fees

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Bolinas Lagoon