Booklegger Used Books

Booklegger Used Books

An eclectic, independent bookstore for eclectic, independent minds, Booklegger is open to ideas and authors from all over the world. The staff is quirky and knowledgeable, knowing the value of having many books to turn to when you are in a place that receives up to 80 inches of rain annually.

Started by a single mom who saw a need for a used bookstore in Eureka, Booklegger has been a cornerstone of the community for almost 30 years. Most of the books bought, sold, and recommended, are obtained locally, resulting in a collection reflecting the unique character and flavor of Humboldt County.

Only in Humboldt would you find a bookshop whose bookshelves are made of fence grade redwood, and whose aesthetic leans heavily towards superhero action figures, absurd salt and peppershakers, found photos, and ceramic bathroom fish.

The act of reading has a special appeal for those who are not afraid to slow down and savor an experience. Humboldt County itself offers that same appeal; the joy of losing yourself in loveliness, the opportunity to take life a bit more slowly, and an implicit encouragement to live in the moment.

“It feels the way a bookstore is supposed to feel. It has wooden shelves, creaky chairs, and you can just browse and browse. You’ll find a comfortable atmosphere for quiet discovery that only a true book lover will understand.” -Lee Lawrence, long time customer.

Seasons Open: All year.

ADA Accessibility Notes
Yes, the entire store is ADA accessible.

Locally or Family Owned Business

Pet Friendly Notes
Yes, behaved dogs are allowed in the store if they are carried in their owner’s arms.

For More Information, Contact:

Nancy Short
[email protected]
402 2nd Street, Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 445-1344


Booklegger Used Books