Canvas Ranch

Canvas Ranch

A small family farm in the idyllic Two Rock Valley north of San Francisco, this place feels like something like you might find in the countryside of France or Italy. Together with their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members, farmworkers and friends, they’ve created a community, a village of sorts.

The 28-acre ranch is home to rare, heritage Babydoll Southdown sheep, cashmere goats, Americauna chickens, a few ducks, Maremma livestock guardian dogs, some cats, and a family of barn owls. It is teeming with life, full of energy and renewal. Come visit!

Activities at this Site

They offer special events year round including:
Lamb Camp in April
Comb a Cashmere Goat in April
Mother’s Day Open House in May
Pumpkin Pickin’ Picnic in October
Dinner in the Fields several times a year
Artist Workshops several times a year
Sheep school in November.

They also operate a Community Supported Agriculture program available year round and offering organic produce, eggs, local bread, cheeses, flowers and more.

Hours Open: Only by appointment

Seasons Open: This is a small family farm, and are open to the public several times a year for special events or by prior appointment.

Price Style for this Establishment: Fees for workshops and special events.

ADA Accessibility Notes
By prior arrangement.

Eco-Friendly Notes
Canvas Ranch is sustainably farmed to ensure it supports this nurturing
cycle season after season. What they ask from the earth comes back to their
customers in juicy, hearty, flavorful fruits and vegetables. They then
return those spent crops back into the fields to renew and enrich the next
succession of healthy, local foods.

Their Miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep are an ancient breed with sweet, teddy bear faces. Because of their diminutive size, miniature Southdowns make outstanding weeders for use in orchards and vineyards — they are only 24 inches tall when mature, and so can’t easily reach tree branches or trellised grapes. Their small hooves help break the soil surface without compacting it. They move easily up and down hills, and can get into a field or vineyard much earlier than machinery can. And not only do they provide an organic alternative to pesticides and expensive mowing operations, their recycled grass (manure) helps improve soil fertility as well. All this at a cost that is roughly half of doing the same jobs with fossil-fueled tractors and weed whackers.

Locally or Family Owned Business

Pet Friendly Notes
Dogs are not allowed due to the ranch animals.

For More Information, Contact:

Deborah Walton
[email protected]
755 Tomales Road, Petaluma, CA 94952
707.766.7171 · fax 707.766.6100


Canvas Ranch