City of Point Arena

City of Point Arena

Point Arena, founded in 1868, incorporated in 1908 and with a population of 501, is one of the smallest incorporated cities in California. Thanks to increasingly sustainable methods, farming, fishing and logging still play an important role in the present economy.

Point Arena’s history and remote location nurtures a strong sense of community, independence and character that is evident from the historic art deco theater beautifully renovated by volunteers to the municipally owned and operated pier facility. Further examples include the unique pebble mosaic in Centennial Plaza created through hundreds of hours of donated time, the cherished public library also built by volunteers, and the extraordinary Independence Day Parade and festivities.

Point Arena has two registered historic districts, one downtown and one at Arena Cove. The two districts include family owned, often colorful businesses including a bakery, restaurants, lodging, grocery stores and art galleries/ shops. Historic Arena Theater is a great place to see movies and live performances.

Arena Cove offers wildlife viewing and tidepooling. Gray whales can be seen from the municipal pier during migration. River otters are often spotted frolicking on the remains of the wreck of the Sea Foam. And every winter for 14 years, Al, the Laysan Albatross arrives to commune with the surfers.

Arena Cove also offers beaches, restaurants, shopping and lodging. The Municipal Pier at Arena Cove provides boat launching and fishing from the pier requires no fishing license. Picnic tables, public bathrooms and showers are also available.

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City of Point Arena