Coast Highway Heritage Corridor

Coast Highway Heritage Corridor

The Coast Highway Heritage Corridor traverses spectacular seaside bluffs, winds through dense forests and provides glimpses of intimate beaches. Wildlife thrive in this diverse landscape sculpted by geologic folding, sedimentation, uplift and erosion. Stories of the past are told in the small mill towns and fishing ports threaded like precious pearls along the Pacific Coast.

Length of Byway or Route: This drive can be done in one very long day, but why not spend the week exploring?

Driving Directions

Highway One from the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County to Route 101 near Leggett in Mendocino County, then State Highway Route 101 from that point north to the Oregon state line. See the CalTrans Pacific Coast Bike Route Map for biking information:
Highlights and Key Points Along the Route

The Coast Highway Heritage Corridor passes through a region of unique beauty. Visitors traveling along this route can explore:
History: Native California Indian sites, frontier outposts, lighthouses, fishing ports, mill towns, graceful highway bridges, and iconic tourist destinations.

Nature: Deep sea fishing, rocky coasts, sand dunes, bays and estuaries, waterfowl and shorebirds, wild rivers, salmon and steelhead, coastal prairies, wildlife refuges, ancient redwood forests, Roosevelt elk, blacktailed deer, and black bears..
Learning: Historic sites, nature centers, botanic gardens, guided tours, art museums, nature trails, and ranger-led activities.

ADA Accessibility Notes
Many of the public facilities meet whole-access objectives for physical and interpretive accessibility. Check with destinations along this route to verify access that meets your needs.

Eco-Friendly Notes
What is a Heritage Corridor?
A heritage corridor consists of roads, state and other parks, greenways, or parallel recreational trails of historical, natural, or conservation education significance. Visitors traveling along a heritage corridor will find guides (including this geotourism website), signs, and other features to assist with self-guided tours of these unique and beautiful areas. Visitors will also find information about environmental conservation along the corridor. The California Legislature designated this heritage corridor in 1982.

Pet Friendly Notes
Check with destinations along this route to find pet-friendly accommodations and facilities.

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Coast Highway Heritage Corridor