Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse

Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse

Affordably Indulgent…the perfect B&B…make your Mendocino Coastal stay memorable…breakfast served to the privacy of your room each morning, beds that you won’t want to get out of…attentive personal care,,,you’ll never want to go home.

Bed and Breakfast Style

We serve a full Gourmet Breakfast to the privacy of the rooms each morning. We get as much local and organic as we can. We also are able to cater to special dietary restrictions such as vegatarian, vegan, gluten intolerant and lactose free.

Breakfast Style Served

Gourmet Breakfast

Seasons Open: All Year

Range of Rates: $155 – $265

ADA Accessibility Notes
We are partially ADA Accessible.

Eco-Friendly Notes
Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse sits on a very healthy 2 acres. Eleven years ago, when we got here, The riparian corridor had been mowed to the waterline, three cats of the prior owners and the poisons they used had desimated the wildlife, and the animals that did encroach on the property were chased off.

We have allowed the riparian to go back to natural, we made the old owners take their cats, we do not poison and we have planted to entice the wildlife back to the property. We also do not allow pets.

We have accomplished what we intended to do. There are no non-native species birds or other animals on the property. Yes, we have formal gardens and plantings, plus wild space on the property. There is lots of natural habitat and food.

Deer, Bobcat, Bear, Martins, Skunks, Raccoons, Grey Squirrels, Chipmonks are some of the mammals that visit. Garter Snakes, Lizards and Pacific Giant Salamandar can be found. And the birds, it is a birders paradise, Grey Jays and Stellars, all types of Sparrows, wrens, towhees, flycatchers and finches. Raptors, including hawks, owls, falcons, osprey and sometimes a Golden Eagle. Amazing!

Locally or Family Owned Business

Pet Friendly Notes
We are pet friendly, our Inn is not!

For More Information, Contact:

Jo Bradley
7001 Shoreline Highway, Mendocino, CA 95460
(800) 264-4723


Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse