Humboldt County Disc Golf Tour

Humboldt County Disc Golf Tour

Par Infinity Courses:, ParInfinity PO BOX 654 Arcata California 95518

Redwood Curtain: The Curtain is located along the western boundary of the Arcata Community Forest in the redwood-covered hills above HSU. Take 14th St. to Union St.—towards the Community Forest. Make a left on Union St and then right, up the hill, on 17th St. Hang a left at the “T” and you will find the course kiosk across from the Redwood Science Lab main entrance. This parking lot is for RSL and related guests only and parking is restricted until 5p.m. Any course visitors should, please, respect our neighbors and refrain from parking in the lot before 5p.m.
The Curtain dates back to the beginning days of HSU Ultimate Frisbee® when, over twenty years ago, you could find HSU students starting to throw plastic at distant objects through the woods—going to show that some things never change. These folks went on to form the impetus for Par Infinity Disc Golf Club and were the first stewards of disc golf in Humboldt County. The Redwood Curtain is an 18 hole course with alternate holes to make a course of 25. All par is 3, with many out-of-bounds opportunities, including up-a-tree and water. If you land on a stump, play from your lie without a penalty, this is our local ‘stump rule’. The “fern rule ‘ is always in effect. Don’t step on plants when you walk or play your lie. This course is a rare beauty and represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to golf beneath a canopy of redwoods. Any visitors to the course are encouraged to consider the respect owed to this place. Visitors should also be aware of rare plants and animals they may encounter while in the forest—including the trillium flower and other species.

Mad River Pump #4: The Pump Station is a 9 hole course located along the Mad River between Arcata and Blue Lake. Visitors will find a restroom along with a picnic table for multi-use occasions. It can be reached by traveling along Giuntoli Ln., taking the left at the “T” onto West End Rd., left onto Warren Creek Rd., and left into the large gravel parking lot. This park is also commonly used as a starting point for water excursions onto the Mad River. The Pump Station course is a culmination of partnership amongst the Water District, Par Infinity, and local residents. Visitors are encouraged to respect all park-goers, neighbors, and signage for park rules. The roads taken to enter the park are winding and narrow, and, for the safety of all persons on the road, all visitors are encouraged to use caution when coming to, and from, the Pump Station. Each year, under the unique arrangement Par Infinity has entered into with the Water District to allow for the continued use of the park for disc golf as well as other recreation, Par Infinity provides exclusive funding and helps to organize many wonderful community volunteers to maintain this course.

Cooper Gulch: The Gulch provides a technical 9-hole course at a city park in the heart of Eureka. From the US-101 take Myrtle Ave. east-southeast and make a right onto R St. following R St. to the parking lot. Visitors to the Gulch will find an excellent multi-use park which includes the disc golf course, softball fields, a children’s playground, and a skate park. Golfers are encouraged to use caution around this very busy park and to always remember that other park-goers have the right-of-way. Also known as “Coop’s” or “Cooper’s,” the Gulch boasts a unique tradition of golf in Humboldt County. Whether you’re playing for It or trying your hand at some random doubles, being right in the middle of Eureka you may be able to find your friends here on any given day.

College of the Redwoods: Located on the beautiful CR campus just south of Eureka, this course is Humboldt’s newest as of 2009. The first tee can be found on the southern side of campus near the entrance to the football stadium and track. CR’s disc golf course was formed through collaboration between CR and Par Infinity, and visitors will enjoy the rare Humboldt sight of concrete tees and baskets on every hole. This course is becoming known for having a good combo of tough, technical shots and shots where you can really let loose. CR maintains a policy of no alcohol and no dogs on campus. All visitors are encouraged to maintain the highest levels of courtesy while on CR property. Questions or concerns with campus regulations should be directed to the College of the Redwoods.

Manila Bay: The Manila Bay course is seasonal course located on the peninsula with vistas encompassing the bay from Arcata to Eureka. Easily having some of the best views in Humboldt County golf, this beginner-friendly 9-hole course challenges even the most seasoned veterans in seeing who can have the most fun. To get to the course take Hwy 255 onto the peninsula from Arcata or Eureka and turn east on Lupin Ave. The parking lot is located on the left just past your first stop sign. For more information contact The Manila Community District.

Steelhead: Located in the city of Willow Creek, the Steelhead Course offers a uniquely challenging 9-hole course along Willow Creek itself. Plus, depending on the time of year you can choose from a variety of fresh fruit while you golf—the course contains apples, pears, plums, grapes, and the ubiquitous blackberry for your dining pleasure. Excellent swimming in the Trinity River is a short hike away. Steelhead is off Hwy 299 at the end of Willow Rd. Par Infinity would like to give a special thanks to the Willow Creek Community Services District and, in particular, Steve Payne for working to make this course possible.

Ammon Ranch: Ammon is synonymous with big golf. Whether a pro or just a sightseer, this beautiful piece of land is sure to leave you in awe. Ammon is home to the world-renowned All Hallows’ Heave hosted by Par Infinity; and with lakes, a forward and reverse 18-hole courses, another nine holes, mules, apples, mountains, and crushing shots with holes over 1,000 feet long, what more could anyone ask for? Ammon is located in the mountains south of Willow Creek on National Forest Service land. Events are held at the Ranch by special-use, equal-opportunity permits granted by the Forest Service. Ammon Ranch is a wonderful place and relies on all of us to keep it that way.

The Canopy: Southern Humboldt’s course is located near Tooby Park just down the hill from Garberville. The Canopy offers a breathtaking view from the first hole and challenges you to throw well or go home. This course has elevation, long drives, tight fairways—the works. Just remember to be prepared for some poision oak.

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Humboldt County Disc Golf Tour