King Range National Conservation Area ~ Hiking Trails

King Range National Conservation Area ~ Hiking Trails

There are over 100 miles of trails in the King Range, with opportunities from 4,000 foot high coastal mountain top trails, rugged beach hikes along the Lost Coast Trail, and challenging mountain biking on the Paradise Royale Trail. From multi-day camping to short interpretive day hikes, the King Range offers a spectrum of unforgettable experiences. The King Range’s Lost Coast Trail is a 34 mile segment of the larger California Coastal Trail, under construction to create a coastal hiking opportunity spanning the length of California.

This is one of the few coastal wilderness hiking experiences in the United States. Hikers can experience sea lions, tidepools and spectacular spring wildflowers along the coast, and climb breath-taking coastal ridges for expansive ocean views. The King Range Trails website is essential for pre-trip planning, critical “know before you go” safety information, descriptions of trails and levels of difficulty, with links to maps and current trail conditions.

The King Range Project Office (707- 986-5400) can offer advice on current conditions, safety issues and Leave No Trace practices specific to a coastal wilderness environment, as well as a great deal of information regarding the breadth of recreational opportunities.

Recreational Opportunities

Camping, hiking, backpacking, habitat and wildlife viewing.

Seasons Accessible

Open year round. From October through April winter storms lash the King Range Wilderness, making it one of the wettest locations in the U.S. with annual rainfall exceeding 200 inches at the higher elevations. Winter storms and large waves can make travel along the Lost Coast Trail difficult or impossible for extended periods of time; check current conditions and forecasts prior to travel on the LCT during the winter months.

Pet Friendly Notes
Dogs must be under owners’ voice control at all times. Dogs should be in good physical condition as the rugged beaches and steep King Range Wilderness trails can be difficult for dogs. Many dog owners provide dog booties for their dogs to protect against paw damage.

For More Information, Contact:

King Range National Conservation Area Project Office
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P.O. Drawer 189, Whitethorn, CA 95589
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King Range National Conservation Area ~ Hiking Trails