Marin Organic

Marin Organic

Marin Organic is a cooperative association of Marin County organic producers whose livelihood is based on a respect for nature and a sense of place.

They understand the importance – ecological, social, and economic – of bringing the field closer to the table.

They are dedicated to continually improving farming practices, promoting the ethical, creative, and patient enterprise of sustainable agriculture, and encouraging a preference for locally produced food.

Marin Organic is a bold new concept for preserving farmland and farming as a way of life in the region, focused on environmental soundness and economic profitability.

It was developed by an association of farmers, ranchers, agriculture advisors and marketing experts to serve Marin County’s producers and consumers.

It is supported by the UC Cooperative Extension, Office of the Agricultural Commissioner, Marin County Board of Supervisors, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Marin Food Policy Council, and consumers throughout the county.

How to Support

One human being can change the course of this world forever. Today, this opportunity is right on your plate.

From a national model school lunch and gleaning program which delivers healthy local organic food to schools, senior centers and underserved communities throughout Marin, to alternative energy initiatives, such as a biodiesel program and solar efforts, Marin Organic addresses obesity, social justice, hunger, the exploitation of natural resources, and even global warming, every day.

From farm tours for local residents and international guests, to many educational events that raise awareness about the importance of a local organic food system, Marin Organic helps build community here in Marin, and through a rural development initiative, works with communities around the world.

They are creating a local, sustainable food system in which everyone and everything thrives.

Please see their website for more information on how to support their work.

For More Information, Contact:

Marin Organic
[email protected]
P.O. Box 962, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
(415) 663-9667 · fax (415) 663-9687

Marin Organic