Paradise Royale Mountain Bike Trail

Paradise Royale Mountain Bike Trail

The Paradise Royale MTB trail system opened in fall 2008 with the dedication of a 14 mile loop to rave reviews from riders across the US, and a feature article in the March 2009 issue of “Bike” magazine.

It is beautiful single track built for mountain biking. This was designed for mountain biking, and all other users must yield to bikes! There is something for everyone here. There are optional jumps and drops on the descent. Sweet banked corners, swooping curves, loads of fun!

Be warned, it takes a reasonably fit and skilled rider to complete the loop; the climbs are tough and there are significant elevation gains and losses. However, you could have fun playing around on the flat sections. The loop is designed to be ridden in a clockwise direction. Check out the BLM website for a map.

Route Directions

Read the info at the trailhead for more information. Clockwise direction.

Route Length: 14 miles

Route Difficulty

Challenging – Route includes Difficult Sections Best Suited for Skilled Riders

Pet Friendly Notes
Dogs must be under owners’ voice control at all times and should be very fit as the trail includes significant elevation gains and losses over the 14-mile length.

For More Information, Contact:

California Bureau of Land Management
[email protected]


Paradise Royale Mountain Bike Trail