Rossotti Ranch

Rossotti Ranch

Rossotti Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch specializing in all natural grass fed meat goats. They produce some of the finest goat meat available in the San Francisco Bay Area — in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Sonoma County, about an hour north of San Francisco, and just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.

The Rossotti’s devotion and commitment to producing healthy food for their local community began well over 100 years ago in the mountains of Switzerland. Today Tony and Julie Rossotti continue the family tradition with their natural grass fed goat.

Activities at this Site

Please come and take a tour of their new ranch! Stroll through the livestock working corrals and climb to the top of the hill where views of the plentiful Bloomfield Valley abound. This is a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about their burgeoning herd of African Boer Goats.

Hours Open: By appointment only. Public tours and special events offered.

Seasons Open: Year round.

Eco-Friendly Notes
The goats are raised specifically for meat production on a 100% grass fed program and are free of any hormones or antibiotics. They use a rotational grazing program that produces the most sustainable benefit out of the land and the animal. In addition to their meat, the goats also play an integral role in browsing invasive thistles, weeds, and shrubs on the ranches pasture land.

Both Tony and Julie are from very loyal devoted agricultural families in Marin County. Tony, a fifth generation ag family and Julie, fourth generation. Together – 9 generations of devoted local food producers!

Locally or Family Owned Business

For More Information, Contact:

Julie Rossotti
[email protected]
800 Carmody Road, Petaluma, CA 94952
Ranch (707) 792-1797 · fax (707) 792-2477


Rossotti Ranch