Safari West

Safari West

An African adventure in the heart of California wine country! Explore the Sonoma Serengeti on an African wildlife safari or relax in your luxury tent under the gaze of a graceful giraffe… The closest you can get to Africa without a passport!

Safari West is an authentic safari-style tent camping experience. There is no pool, television, video or other amenities associated with most resorts – and, that is actually what stands us apart from other properties. Staying at Safari West is the closest you can get to Africa without a passport.

We are truly amazed when we hear someone say, “I couldn’t sleep because of the animal noises!” While it may not be lions roaring or elephants trumpeting, it is the marvelous sounds of cranes calling, ostriches booming, or lemurs chattering. The animals are what we hope our guests are coming for!

Lodging Style and Amenities

We have 31 Luxury Tent Cabins. There is nothing more magical than falling asleep to the sounds of a kookaburra and waking to the resounding love-songs of the sarus cranes. Removed from televisions, computer screens and even cell-phone reception, gazing over our rolling hills and roaming herds from the privacy of your tent deck is the ultimate in high-definition viewing! Our overnight stay gives busy families the rare opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other and the environment in which we live. The only distraction is the majestic beauty of the natural world and it’s most exotic inhabitants

Seasons Open: All Year

Recreational Opportunities

What can you do at Safari West?
Authentic African Safari Drives/Tours
Behind the Scene Activities
Animal enrichment activities geared to conservation and wildlife preservation
Private and Close-up encounter with some of our animals, possible new babies, behind the scene in the barn activities
Nature Walks and Hiking with Safari West staff
Birding/Anima Watching/Photography
Swedish pressure-point Massage services

Rate Range: $170 – $260 Sunday through Thursdays $175 – $265 Fridays $175 – $295 Saturdays

Driving Directions

From San Francisco (North on HWY 101):
Take the River Road exit. The approach to the exit is also marked Calistoga/Mark West Springs Rd.
Exit freeway and turn RIGHT. You will be on Mark West Springs Road heading East toward Calistoga.
Mark West Springs Road turns into PORTER CREEK ROAD at the Lodge.
Continue – for approx. another 1.25 miles to Franz Valley Road.
At Franz Valley Road, turn LEFT directly into our entrance.
Note: Entrance is on Franz Valley Road (not Porter Creek).

From Sacramento (West on I-80):
Take U.S. 80 West to the HWY 12 Napa exit.
Cross the valley and turn RIGHT on HWY 29 for Napa and Calistoga.
At Rutherford, HWY 128 joins HWY 29.
Remain on HWY 128, going past, not through, Calistoga, 1 mile.
Turn LEFT on Petrified Forest Road, toward Santa Rosa. Go 4.5 miles
Turn RIGHT on Porter Creek Rd. Go 3 miles.
At Franz Valley Road turn RIGHT directly into our entrance. Do not take Franz Valley School Road.
Note: Entrance is on Franz Valley Road (not Porter Creek).

Eco-Friendly Notes
Is Safari West Environmentally Friendly?

In our ongoing journey to becoming a green business, Safari West is making the switch to bio-degradable soap products, post-consumer waste recycled napkins, compostable paper coffee cups with a lining made from plant products (not petroleum based), and compostable dinnerware. We have taken steps to reduce the marketing collateral that is sent out in hard copy form by relying more and more on electronic documents, blogs, e-mail marketing, and our website to get our information out. We have condensed our three fold brochure to a rack card format and are creating new media kits which are designed to decrease further the amount of paper used in printing our collateral. We are in the process of implementing a change to our e-mail signatures company-wide to include a message which prompts the receiver to think about the environment before they print an e-mail or attachment.

Our staff actively participates in energy conservation efforts by turning off lights and ceiling fans in rooms that are not being used, turning off patio heaters when not in use, promptly reporting any water leaks or drips to our maintenance department, and responsibly using water in our housekeeping, restaurant, and landscaping projects.

Throughout the lower area of the preserve, guests and staff are provided with recycling containers marked with the recycling symbol and painted with various representations of our wonderful animals. Guests are asked to retain any plastic water bottles while on tour and recycle it in one of these containers afterwards. The waste disposal company used by Safari West participates in single-stream recycling and green waste disposal for compostable items. We also respectfully bring to the attention of our guests the fact that plastic bottles can become lodged in the throats of curious animals. This helps to refocus to our guests the message that all of us must maintain responsibility and accountability in regards to the environment and conservation in order to make a difference.

As part of our ongoing mission, Safari West actively promotes conservation and environmental education concepts to our guests throughout their stay with us. Our goal is to impart knowledge that will help each individual make personal choices in regards to the environment and conservation efforts. We believe that if each person does their part, no matter how small it may seem, their effort will contribute to a larger effort. We hope that the resulting effect, particularly in regards to the children whose hearts and minds we touch, will multiply and create a conscious environmental movement now and into the future.

Additionally, when guests book private animal encounters, 10% of the proceeds are donated to various conservation groups worldwide each year.

Locally or Family Owned Business

Pet Friendly Notes
Please, no pets allowed.

For More Information, Contact:

Aphrodite Caserta
[email protected]
3115 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
707-579-255 · toll-free 1 800 616-2695 · fax 707-579-8777


Safari West