Sausalito to Stinson Beach

Sausalito to Stinson Beach

Wonderful one-way hike or backpack trip from through the Marin Headlands over Mt. Tamalpais and down to Stinson Beach:

Start at Spencer Bus Pad in the Marin Headlands, take the Morning Sun trail to the Alta and Bobcat Trail. If backpacking, camp for FREE at Hawk Camp

Hike the Bobcat and Miwok trails to Old Springs trail on your way to Tennessee Valley. Good spot for picnic. Stay on the Miwok trail to Coyote Ridge then down to through the Zen Center on the Middle Green Gulch trail (watch out for bikers)

Check out the gardens where they make food for Greens restaurant in San Francisco!
Enjoy Muir Beach and feel free to stop at the historic Pelican Inn for a drink or food.
Find the Redwood Creek Trail to Heather cut off then a long trek up the Coastal Trail to Pantoll. Camp at Pantoll or you can continue to Stinson. From Pantoll get on the Matt Davis trail for some amazing views of the Pacific then down to Stinson Beach for food, chilling on the beach, other amenities here.

Make sure to reserve campsites before heading out on your trip!

Trail Distance: 17.65 miles

Eco-Friendly Notes
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Sausalito to Stinson Beach