Tour of the Unknown Coast

Tour of the Unknown Coast

Various distances are available, ranging from highly skilled, to families with kids. Five distances are available, 100 miles, 100 kilometers, 50 miles, 20 miles, and 10 miles. With the 100 mile distance being the most vigorous, and the 10 mile distance perfectly flat, and everything ranging in between.

No matter what distance you train for, the sites are guaranteed to be beautiful, taking you through groves of redwoods, steep coastal bluffs, flat and scenic ocean views.

Route Directions


10 mile:

Mile 0 Start in front of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Head east.
Mile 0.2 Turn left on Van Ness.
Mile 0.4 Turn right on Rasmussen Lane
Mile 0.8 Turn left on Port Kenyon (Yield sign) Wave to the longhorn cattle and the horses.
Mile 1.1 Turn right on Dillon. Cross over the one-lane bridge. CAUTION! RIDE SINGLE FILE ONLY!
Mile 2 Continue on Dillon to Goble Ln. Turn right on Goble Ln.
Mile 3.3 Goble Len to Fulmor turnaround.
Mile 4.5 Turn right on Dillon to Camp Weott Rd.
Mile 5 Left turn onto Camp Weott Rd. Wave to s’more cows!
Mile 6.2 Morgan Slough Rd. TURNAROUND / AID STATION. Rest, eat, and talk to your new bicycling friends. Get ready to ride back to the Fairgrounds

20 mile:
*Mile 0: Start in front of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Head west on 5th St. three blocks to Ocean Ave., turn left and head south out of town.
Mile 0.7: Small climb past Russ Park
Mile 0.9: Ocean Ave. turns into Grizzly Bluff Rd. through Eel River Valley. Wave to the cows, baaa at the sheep.
Mile 5.1: Right curve. Stay on Grizzly Bluff Rd.
Mile 7.8: PAY ATTENTION, DON’T MISS! Turn right on Price Creek Rd. Several short hills. There are three cattle guard crossings on Price Creek Rd. CAUTION!
Mile 8.6: Price Creek Rd. wooden one-lane bridge. CAUTION
Mile 10: TURNAROUND / AID STATION at small meadow on Price Creek Rd. Stop and rest, have a snack, visit with your new bicycling friends before heading back to the Fairgrounds

50 Mile
Start/Finish Humboldt County Fairgrounds, Ferndale. Head west on 5th St. three blocks to Ocean Ave., turn left and head south out of town.
Mile 3.7 Waddington Rd. continue on through the Ferndale Bottoms toward Rio Dell on Grizzly Bluff Rd.
Mile 5.4 Grizzly Bluff School intersection, turn right to Rio Dell
Mile 8.3 Continue on toward Rio Dell.
Mile 13.1 Intersection –STOP SIGN!!!— Watch traffic control officer / CHP / RIO DELL CHECK-POINT / AID STATION. Turn right onto Wildwood Ave., go through Rio Dell, cross the historic Scotia Bridge.
Mile 14.4 Continue through Scotia, the road turns to the left as you pass the lumber mill offices and the old locomotive. Continue on to Highway 101.
Mile 15.9 Enter Highway 101 southbound. SINGLE FILE PLEASE
Mile 21.7 Take Pepperwood exit from 101 south. Turn left at STOP SIGN and enter Avenue of the Giants south. Continue on next 8.2 miles.
Mile 25 REST STOP / AID STATION at IMMORTAL TREE GIFT SHOP. 50 mile riders turnaround here. 100 K and 100 mile riders continue on

Route Length: Various lengths available

ADA Accessibility Notes
This is not ADA accessible.

Eco-Friendly Notes
A wonderful opportunity to discover Humboldt County in an environmental friendly way. You can choose between distances and levels of difficulty. Have fun and challenge your cycling skills with other individual cyclists, groups or families.

The Tour of the Unkown Coast offers a 100 mile challenge, which is considered one of the world�s most challenging courses, with an elevation gain of 9400 feet.

Pet Friendly Notes

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Tour of the Unknown Coast