Union Elementary School

Union Elementary School

For over 100 years, Union Elementary School has provided a uniquely enriching educational program dedicated to the needs of the individual student. This continuing program has centered itself on developing each child to their fullest potential, academically and socially.

Situated only 10 minutes west of Petaluma, this small public school serves children in Kindergarten though Sixth grade. Students come from throughout the Petaluma area and surrounding farmland.

About this Establishment

Union Elementary School is the only school in the Union Joint School District. It is governed by a three member board. Parent participation is high, including an active Parent Club, support of school wide special projects, and field trips.

The curriculum at Union Elementary School is based on the California State Standards. All texts and primary curriculum materials are standards aligned. Classes are small and instruction is individualized. Marin County Office of Education is contracted to provide additional specialized staffing as needed.

Union Elementary School offers an enriched program that includes art, music, drama, computers, on-line World Quests based on history and science, multi-media projects, Living History Day, school wide Great Reading Projects, Gate Program, and thematic units.

For More Information, Contact:

Cynthia Haydon
[email protected]
5300 Red Hill Rd., Petaluma, CA 94952-9445


Union Elementary School