Westport-Union Landing State Beach

Westport-Union Landing State Beach

Westport Union-Landing State Beach covers over 3 miles of rugged and scenic coastline, with campsites on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The magnificent vistas, sunsets and tree covered mountains in the background provide inspiring challenges to both amateur and professional photographers. Brown pelicans,black oystercatchers, quail, and and greater white-fronted geese are just some of the birds you can see at the park. Tides pools are accessible by a gently sloping trail.

The park was named for two early communities. Westport, a sawmill town, is still in existence and Union Landing now consists of only a few buildings. Both of these settlements were famous for supplying lumber and railroad ties, and Tan Oak bark to the schooners which anchored off shore. The schooners were loaded with forest products by means of intricate cable tramways and chutes from the bluffs.

Recreational Opportunities

Several small sandy beaches and one large beach located at the mouth of Howard Creek provide some good sport for fishermen; the Surf Smelt (Hyomesus pretiosus) come in near shore to spawn in the surf during the day. Night Smelt (Spirinchus Starksi) come in to spawn at night. These smelt 6 to 10 inches in length, are called surf fish and night fish by the sportsmen who take them in nets as they approach the beach to spawn. Several kinds of rock fish and abalone are taken when tides and ocean conditions are right. Water temperatures of around 52 degrees and a surging bellowing surf discourages all but the hardy individual.

Campsites are available year-round that overlook the Pacific ocean.

Seasons Accessible

Year-round. The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

Fees: Free day use. Fees charged for camping.

For More Information, Contact:

California State Parks
40500 N. Highway 1, Westport, CA 95488
707-937-5804 · fax 707-937-2953

Westport-Union Landing State Beach