Wreck of the Sea Foam

Wreck of the Sea Foam

At low tide a large, encrusted boiler, the only remains of the wreck of the Sea Foam, a coastal steamer is visible from the municipal pier in the shallow waters of Arena Cove just to the south of the pier. Often the resident river otters can be seen frolicking about it.

Since 1900, “the Sea Foam was a vital part of the economy of the coast. The steamers generally were run for the logging industry, so other freight and passengers had to hope there was room. To solve that problem, shares were sold to coastal merchants in the Sea Foam, a steamer that would make regular stops at the ports along the coast. The Sea Foam stopped at Point Arena, Greenwood, Mendocino, Little River and Fort Bragg. It became the lifeline of the local industries, and for passengers who didn’t want to endure the grueling stage trip to the nearest trains at Cazadero. That era ended for Point Arena when the Sea Foam wrecked in March of 1931. The seamen also went on strike in 1933, just as the highway was paved up the coast, so trucking became the way to move freight. The steamers were never important again.” (quoted from, The Early Days of Point Arena by Steve Oliff and Cheri Carlstedt.)

Hours Open: All; low tide is best.

Time Period Represented: 1900-1931

Seasons Open: All

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Wreck of the Sea Foam