Bartlett Springs Road

Bartlett Springs Road

The Bartlett Springs Road leads to Bear Valley through some of the most remote country in our region, a good trip for those that like a slow and potentially adventurous back road drive.

Thanks to vulcanism, Clear Lake early on earned a reputation as a premier mineral water destination. Starting in 1852, Victorian spas in the European style quickly sprang up around various mineral springs in the hills around the lake�Bartlett Springs, Harbin Springs, Highland Springs, Witter Springs, Saratoga Springs and others. You can still see remnants of Bartlett Springs Resort along this road which has been mostly destroyed by fires, and you will also follow the North Fork of Cache Creek until it reaches Indian Valley Reservoir. The road passes through the southeastern edge of Mendocino National Forest.

Activities: Hiking, hunting, fishing, camping
Elevation Change: 1,340′ to 4,510′
Points of Interest: Pinnacle Rock, Bartlett Springs Resort, Indian Valley Reservoir
Nearby Trails: Cow Mountain OHVA , Lake Pillsbury
Nearby Cities: Nice and Lucerne

Trail Difficulty

Easy – Suggested for all riders

Trail Distance: 24.5 miles
Trailhead Access and Parking

Access Bartlett Springs Road several miles outside of Lucerne. The trailhead is open year-round, yet winter months bring muddy and snow-packed terrain. Road may be impassable during winter because of road conditions.

For More Information, Contact:

Visitor Information Center
6110 E Hyway 20, Lucerne, CA 95458
toll-free (800) 525-3743

Bartlett Springs Road