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The Bear Valley Inn strives to bring you some local and organic foods each day at breakfast. In 2006 we joined Marin Organic as a supporting business member and our support for this organization and for the local farmers and producers in Marin County helps us keep the economy vital and keep our small farmers and producers in business. These folks are our friends.

Coffee and Tea: Our coffee is from Marin Coffee Roasters. It is Organic Sumatra. They roast the beans in Marin and we get them straight from the roaster. Occasionally we will serve Wooden Bicycle Coffee from Rwanda that is imported by our friend Tom Ritchey as part of his program to bring better bicycles to Rwandan farmers so that they can transport their coffee from the mountains to be roasted. Not exactly local… but they are our friends. We serve both Mighty Leaf and Choice Tea. Both companies offer organic and free trade blends. Lots of teas to choose from!

Milk and Cream: We use Straus milk, it comes in the glass bottles which we return to the store. This milk comes from those happy cows that you see cruising around on the Point Reyes Peninsula. We use the milk to make our homemade yogurt. We buy it in glass, make it in glass and serve it for breakfast. No plastic containers, in fact we estimate that we will eliminate over 2000 plastic containers in 2008 alone by doing this. The cream for the coffee is also Straus as is the tasty butter that we serve and use for baking.

Eggs: We use fresh eggs laid by our friendly flock of fowl (14 at last count). The chickens happily produce our eggs at Bear Valley Inn and are even happier to eat your melon rind after breakfast. You are likely to see them foraging in the flower beds and the back yard.

Bacon and Sausage: The sausage that we use is often from our friend Dave Evans at Sun Farms. This is produced nearby in Petaluma from grass fed beef from Dave’s own recipes. We love it! We also serve Dave’s cured beef bacon and sometimes pork bacon from Niman Ranch (no sulfites). We always prepare meat separately.

Fruits and veggies: When possible we use fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. We use organic produce when it makes sense to do so. When something is in season, we use it! Berries, plums, apples, zucchini, tomatoes (and green tomatoes) and our own homegrown basil and parsley. Most of the sauces and flavorings for the yogurt and pancakes are made here and canned from local and organic fruits. Summer in a jar!
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