Craig’s Creek Trail, Smith River NRA, Six Rivers National Forest

Craig’s Creek Trail, Smith River NRA, Six Rivers National Forest

Craig’s Creek Trail was followed in the late 1800s by miners and pack animals. This trail follows the hillside along the South Fork of the Smith River until it rounds a bend and descends into to the Craig’s Creek basin. The trail doubles back on itself and drops down near the Creek and follows it to its confluence with the Smith River. The trail meanders through dense forest with scant views of the river, but the sound of running water is never far away. For those not wanting to hike the entire trail, just 1.75 miles from the trailhead hikers are rewarded with a spectacular view of a bend in the South Fork. If you continue to the end you will find a tranquil riverside oasis with plenty of rocks for basking on after a refreshing swim.

This trail has large amounts of poison oak on the edges. It can be avoided if you are careful. This may not be the best trail for young children because of the poison oak along the trail.

Access: From the junction of Hwy 199 and South Fork Road: Turn onto South Fork Road and cross over the first bridge. Follow the sign to river access. Park in the river access area. Trailhead is on the north side of the road just before the second bridge- Tryon Bridge.

For more information visit the Smith River National Recreation Area/Six Rivers National Forest service visitor center at 10600 Highway 199 in Gasquet, CA and pick up a trails brochure. Or call the Six Rivers Forest Service visitor center at 707-457-3131 (also TDD#). Please note the the trail as marked on the map with this website is only a rough estimate. Topographic maps that feature this trail include:

Redwood National And State Parks NORTH, second edition 2010
National Geographic Trails Illustrated: Redwood National and State Parks, CA, USA #218

ix Rivers National Forest

Vertical Gain or Loss: 200 feet

Trail Distance: 6.4 miles round trip

ADA Accessibility Notes

This trail is not ADA accessible.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs are allowed on leash at all times. Please remember that your pet’s fur can transfer poison oak to you!

For More Information, Contact:

US Forest Service 6 Rivers National Forest!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjAwhwtDDw9_AI8zPwhQoY6IeDdGCqCPOBqwDLG-AAjgb6fh75uan6BdnZaY6OiooA
Highway 199 , Gasquet, CA 95543
(707) 457-3131 · fax (707) 457-3794


Craig’s Creek Trail, Smith River NRA, Six Rivers National Forest