Crescent City Cemetery

Crescent City Cemetery

About this Site

Also known as thePioneer Cemetery, the site started about 1880’s composed of 5 seperate cemeteries: Masonic, Odd Fellows, Catholic, Veteran’s, and New County cemetery. Many of the older graves are on the hillside and are in family plots. Many of the older plots have suffered at the hand of time and vandals. Some community groups make an effort around Memorial Day to clean the older section.

North across Cooper St. is the old County cemetery also known as the Pauper cemetery, used by the county of Del Norte as a burial ground for indigent people who died in the area from 1930’s to 1950’s. Most of the markers are made of redwood and many sites are unmarked. Maintained by agreement with the fire protection district.

Hours Open: sun up to sundown

Time Period Represented: 1880s to present

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Crescent City Cemetery