King Range Wilderness

King Range Wilderness

The King Range Wilderness is the largest congressionally-designated coastal wilderness in the lower 48 states, consisting of nearly 43,000 acres. The King Range Wilderness encompasses over 35 miles of wilderness coastline and features more than 80 miles of hiking trail, including the Lost Coast Trail along the coastline and the King Crest Trail that tops out at 4,088 feet only three miles from the coast.

Recreational Opportunities

Camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, habitat and wildlife viewing

Seasons Accessible

Open year round. From October through April winter storms lash the King Range Wilderness, making it one of the wettest locations in the U.S. with annual rainfall exceeding 200 inches at the higher elevations.

Pet Friendly Notes
Dogs must be under owners’ voice control at all times. Dogs should be in good physical condition as the rugged and steep King Range Wilderness trails can be difficult for dogs. Many dog owners provide dog booties for their dogs to protect against paw damage.

For More Information, Contact:

California Bureau of Land Management
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King Range Wilderness