Love Field

Love Field

Jim Love, a Marin County fireman at the time, built this baseball diamond in the field next to his house at his own expense. Working with his sons, Tyler and Matthew, he cleared the land, which was already flat, because of its location in a flood plain along the levee road–and laid down brick and chalk for an infield. The first games were played on the field in 1994. Although Love said that individuals and businesses in the community supported his undertaking, he had to refinance his house to pay for the project.

Baseball hasn’t been the only thing of interest to take place on Love Field over the past decade. In November 2002, Love allowed 50 women led by Donna Sheehan of Point Reyes Station to spell “P-E-A-C-E” with their nude bodies across the ballpark. A picture of the demonstration taken by Point Reyes Station photographer Art Rogers was published around the world.

Now retired, Jim lives, with his wife Kathy, on Hawaii’s big island. Tyler and Mathew carry on dad’s work and keep the field in great shape…it has never looked better!

Recreational Opportunities

Baseball, nature walks, festivals and anything else that will help pay for the upkeep of the field.

Seasons Accessible

Summer and Fall. May be flooded during winter rains.

ADA Accessibility Notes
ADA Accessible

Pet Friendly Notes
No dogs on the playing field.

For More Information, Contact:

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Love Field