Mendocino Land Trust

Mendocino Land Trust

Established in 1976, the mission of the Mendocino Land Trust is to conserve important natural resources of Mendocino County including working farmlands and forests, wildlife habitat, open space, scenic vistas, watersheds, and to facilitate public access. The Land Trust provides stewardship and service learning opportunities on lands that it has conserved to engender a more direct connection by people to the land and water of Mendocino County. The Land Trust promotes healthy recreation in natural settings and sustainable experiences for residents and visitors in Mendocino County.

Our conservation approach includes working with private landowners, governmental agencies, and community groups to establish ecoregional priorities and strategies as the basis for conservation action. Conservation strategies and services range from fee acquisitions to conservation easements.

Programs include: Land Conservation, the Big River Program, Big River Stewards, Coastal Access, California Coastal Trail, and Coastal Cleanup Day. For information about individual programs, please visit the Land Trust’s website at

Since 1976, the Land Trust has conserved over 11,000 acres of important lands in perpetuity. With a countywide service area, the Land Trust has conserved lands ranging from coastal prairies to redwood forests and rolling oak woodlands.

One of our major accomplishments occurred in 2002. Through an unprecedented community effort, the Land Trust was able to conserve over 7,300 acres of the Big River estuary (one of the longest undeveloped estuaries in California) and surrounding forestlands. The property was conveyed to State Parks and became the Big River Unit of Mendocino Headlands State Park. The Land Trust’s Big River Program remains active in restoration and monitoring activities at the park.

Over 3,500 acres of additional lands are conserved through conservation easements. The Land Trust also owns and manages served other conserved lands.

Through our Coastal Access Program, the Land Trust was the first nonprofit to open and operate an offer-to-dedicate (OTD) easement for public access in California, and currently leads nonprofits statewide by operating more OTD easements than anyone else.

How to Support

The Mendocino Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that relies on the support of individuals such as you. We invite you to become involved in our work by becoming a member of the Land Trust, by making a donation, or by participating in one of a number of volunteer activities that help us to steward the lands we have conserved.

Land Trust memberships start at $20. To become a member or to make a donation, visit our website at or download our brochure (available on this page).

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Mendocino Land Trust