Shell Beach

Shell Beach

Shell Beach is part of Tomales Bay State Park. It is a nice sheltered cove on Tomales Bay that is excellent for families with small children. The ocean water tends to be a little warmer at this beach.

The day-use park features four gently sloping, surf-free beaches, protected from winds by Inverness Ridge, the backbone of the Point Reyes Peninsula.

The park includes forests, beaches, field, hills, meadows and marshes – each with its own plant life, including varieties of trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

One of the finest remaining virgin groves of Bishop pine in California is in the park’s Jepson Memorial Grove, reached by way of a one mile long trail.

Wildlife in the area includes foxes, raccoons, badgers, weasels, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, deer, bobcats, skunks, wood rats, field mice, moles and other animals.

There are also land and sea birds, including the spotted owl, quail, goldfinches, puffins, great blue herons, pelicans, ruddy ducks, woodpeckers, meadowlarks – and more.

Gopher snakes, garter snakes, lizards, and monarch butterflies make the park their home. In the beach areas, several variety of clams live, as do many other kinds of fish.

Recreational Opportunities

The park has hiking trails and is a popular place for picnicking, swimming, clamming and boating.

Seasons Accessible

All year.

Fees: Call for entrance fees

For More Information, Contact:

Tomales Bay State Park
1208 Pierce Point Road, Inverness, CA 94937


Shell Beach