Smith River Cemetery

Smith River Cemetery

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The Smith River cemetery has been in existence since 1862 and perhaps longer. It originally served not only the Smith River valley but also its neighbors in the Chetco and Brookings (Oregon) areas. The earliest burials on record were Hulda Tryon (age 33) and James Westbrook (age 4), each of whom were buried in 1862.

Many of the burial sites have been lost to time. There was never a formal ‘caretaker,’ and in the early days the blackberry vines quickly over-ran the site, It has been said that the local residents had to burn the vines, accidentally burning the wooden markers on some graves. However, a posted display lists all names in the Cemetary directory.

The cemetery memorializes veterans from the early Indian Wars, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, as well as both World Wars, the Korean War, and Vietnam. Local citizens formed a cemetery district in 1970 to properly care for the site and honor those buried there. The site is still used by residents today, and is immaculately tended by community volunteers.

Hours Open: sunrise to sunset

Time Period Represented: 1860s to present

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Smith River Cemetery